Synapse™ Wireless Lighting Controls

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Control your sports lighting and add exciting dynamic effects using the Synapse Wireless Lighting Controls System (SimplySnap). Add your parking, seating, hallway and concession lighting to the system to optimize your operations and reduce cost. The SimplySnap system provides a proven, reliable solution that is simple to use for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Central Base Station

The Central Base Station site controller serves as the heart of your SimplySNAP solution. This network edge appliance provides quick browser-based access and local control of smaller systems with hundreds of devices.

Each SimplySNAP system includes a variety of Synapse-enabled devices that communicate with each other and the CBS to form a local mesh network. The CBS monitors, controls, and automates devices allowing you to save energy across and provide greater control of your lighting infrastructure.


  • IP65 rated with built in surge protection 
  • Programmable push buttons for manual control
  • Multiple Zones, Behaviors, Events, and Schedules
  • Built in Wi-Fi for local wireless access
  • Ethernet port and cellular for network connectivity AES 128-bit encryption
  • Optional Cloud and Remote Access services available
  • Energy saving features to help meet regulations and qualify for rebates

SS450 Site Controller

The SS450 Site Controller is the indoor version of the Central Base Station. It includes all of the abilities of the Central Base Station except the weatherproof enclosure, 5-button switch and surge protector. 

Both systems support the following Synapse Devices :

  • Embedded Lighting Controllers
  • External Lighting Controllers
  • Wireless Sensors – Photocell, Motion, and Environmental
  • Sensor interface devices for measurement
  • Wireless Network Repeaters

MESH Network

The SimplySnap Mesh Network is a proprietary self healing 2.4Ghz network. The controller connects to multiple fixtures within range. Those fixtures then connect to other fixtures within their range. The connections build a mesh network that can spread well past the normal communication distance limitations. If a fixture fails the network can simply route around the point of failure using another connection.

Alerts, scene changes and other communication is routed through the mesh network that is created by these connections. All communication is protected by industry standard AES-128 encryption.


Different light fixtures require different modules to connect them to the SimplySnap Mesh network. Most light fixtures from SLG Lighting will use the DIM10-087-06-FW module which is installed inside of the light fixture by SLG when purchased together. Some fixtures such as parking lot lighting may require the TL7-B2 which uses the NEMA twist lock to connect to the fixture, and includes an integrated photocell. Other fixtures may need the DIM10-250-11 which can be bolted directly to the fixture or nearby.  

All of these modules are compatible with common sensors which can be wired to the module. For locations where you want a sensor but don’t need a light fixture a wireless occupancy and photocell sensor with a built in module is also available.

SimplySnap USB and Wireless Switches


There are two different types of switches available. The 5-button USB switch which connects directly to the SS450 and is built into the Central Base Station. And, the wireless wall switch. The wireless wall switch can be installed in a standard single-gang wall outlet and connects to the SimplySnap network. Available in 2 and 8 button versions, each button can be assigned to multiple pre-programmed scenes. 


Scenes are configuration changes that can be activated using the web control panel, a switch, scheduled to happen at specific times and dates, or in response to sensor input.  

Dynamic Behaviors are an optional licensed special effect that can be used for sports lighting.