PRO Series

The FSP SpartaTM Sports Light Gen 1 Series sets a new standard of technology for professional outdoor sports lighting. Unlike competitor products, the FSP Sports Light requires less power and produces greater lumen output while generating less heat to extend the life of the fixture. Movable parts are eliminated to reduce wear and tear and it’s only a fraction of the weight from the competition. Engineered optics direct the light precisely onto the field to shine uniformly and reduce glare.

Lumen Output 86,000 Lm / 110,800 Lm

Wattage 650W / 850W

Input Voltage 240-480V HVU

Weight 62 lbs.

EPA 1.2413


Advanced Thermal Management

Integrated heat sink fins optimize thermal management through conductive and convective cooling, greatly extending the life of the luminaire. Suitable for temperatures between -40°F to 131°F

Die-cast Housing

Designed in a die-cast aluminum housing with a slim profile and 3G vibration rating, this luminaire boasts maintenance-free operation for years to come

Synapse Wireless Control

Using Synapse’s wireless control system and the Central Base Station, luminaire can be easily controlled using the local programmable push buttons to manually activate up to 25 scenes, 5 per button. Customize and monitor your lighting installation by designing multiple zones, behaviors, events, and schedules

Integrated Power Supply

The Sparta Sports Light draws less than 1% power when turned off and uses the leading global brand Inventronics drivers to ensure the highest performance

PMMA Lens QUV Coating

Powerful, custom-engineered optics direct light precisely where needed while reducing glare